"Not knowing is the beginning of

all creativity"

Sören Olsson

Sören Olsson is one of Sweden most read and beloved writers. The books about Sune and Bert (Tosh and Ned), and many more has thrilled readers for over 35 years.

Up to date there is more than 183 books published. The books are translated in 30 countries and has sold approximately 12 million copies.

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You can read "In Neds Head" (aka "Berts Dagbok" in Sweden) online.

Sören is about to write 3 new scripts for the cinemas, about "Sune" and there is also plans to make 3 movies about the other popular character "Bert". More than that Sören is also about to write a script for a new story for the cinemas "Ibrakadabra - I wish i was Zlatan".


Soren is a popular lecturer. Among other things, he talks about his son who was born with a heart disease that radically shortens life. How do you live your life with full potential when death is always so close? In his lectures Sören is talking about difficult subjects with warmth and humor.