Humor and depth for small and grown up children

Sören Olsson is one of our most read and beloved writers. His stories are always filled to the brim with humor while gravity is always present. With the assumption that life doesn’t always turn out exactly as expected, Sören Olsson has a unique ability to create stories about children and adults who are both light-hearted and full of warmth and depth.

Together with Anders Jacobsson Sören Olsson has written over 156 books about Sune, Bert and Håkan Bråkan. They are published in 25 countries and loved by children and young people worldwide. When books about Sune and Bert moves to the screen or television, the scripts are written by Sören Olsson.

His own books and film projects are stories for both children and adults.

Sören Olsson is also a popular and sought-after lecturer who talks, among other things, about how it is to live with a child who has Down’s Syndrome and also a fatal disease called Eisenmenger's syndrome. Together with his wife Yvonne, he has written a book "Prince Different," a personal story about what it was like to live with a loved and handicapped child.


Sörens first book was released in 1984.

Since then he has published more than 156 books.

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Some of the writing is also scripts for

movies, television, radio, theater and newspapers.


  • 160 books
  • 12 million copies
  • Published in about 25 countries
  • Several hundred radioshows
  • 6 feature movies. 7 more movies under production.
  • 12 television series
  • 10 theaters
  • Approximately 100 audiobooks
  • 10 musicrecords
  • 6 games (CD-rom & boardgames)



Walla - The Wishing Ring (Önskeringen)


When Aminah, Tariq, Moe and My get to know each other – they discover, to their surprise, that some wishes can actually come true.

Even wishes which at first can seem impossible, can turn out to be perfectly possible if you just help them a little on the way.

But the innermost wishes one carries, surely they cannot come true?

Not the wishes one hasn’t even told any other living person?

How can a wish come true, if noone else knows about them?

In fairy tales, fantasy can sometimes become reality.

Reality can sometimes be like a fairy tale.

The Wishing Ring is set in Vivalla in Örebro, one of many so called "Million program areas" in Sweden. It is written like a classic tale in a contemporary costume and with aromas from the classical Arabic fairytale treasure.

The story is purpose written in a prose that young people can relate to. And in a way so that all words and concepts are not traditionally Swedish.

The characters are brought to life with the help of a series of interviews made with three young girls who live and work in the actual housing area in Örebro.




You can read the first chapters of the book here!

" Amazingly fun! I laughed until I almost died! Anyone who loves comic books just have to read this. It is a book filled with laughter. Oh what fun."

Sara Viktorin (about "Sune och klantpappan")


"Much laughter in the evenings. Read it out in two days. Not just kids having fun. Dad Rudolf is crazy as always."

Reader rewiew (about Sune i Grekland)



In this light-hearted novel starring spunky Ned Floyd, the Swedish team of Olsson and Jacobsson offers an often hilarious look at preadolescent woes. At age 11 ("I'm twenty years old. Almost. You just take away half of twenty and add one"), Ned (code-named Treb) starts a secret diary in which he writes slightly embellished versions of his escapades at school and at home. Figures frequenting the pages of his diary include the much-envied classmate, "Nugget" ("He's strongest, next oldest, he's smoked, he's most popular with the girls, and his dad has a red convertible Corvette"); Rebecca and Nadia, two girls who set Ned's heart a-fluttering; and of course Ned's best buddies, much-teased Little Eric and scientific-minded Arnold. The authors get the tone of this transitional age just right, as when Ned spells out his quandary for his birthday "cocktail" party, featuring "the apple cider with the bubbles in it": "If [Rebecca] answers yes it's going to be a cocktail party à la hugging-and- French-kissing. If she answers no, it's going to be a cocktail party à la punch-and-cake." Ned's romances, experiments and attempts to impress the guys usually backfire, but the results of his endeavors will inevitably bring laughs. One-third poet, one-third floundering Casanova, one-third trickster and 100% genuine kid, Ned emerges as a lovable anti-hero, whose keen observations and creative mind will captivate even reluctant readers. Ages 8-12.

Childrens rewiew - on the American version av "Berts Dagbok" (In Neds Head)


Prince Different (Prins Annorlunda)

Sören Olsson & Yvonne Brynggård-Olsson


February 2 1991 Ludvig was born, a long-awaited firstborn. His parents, Sören and Yvonne, had prepared and fantasized about what their life with a child would be like. After just a few weeks, they knew nothing would be what they had expected.

With the knowledge that Ludvig has Downs Syndrom a new journey begins, firstly as sadness over that they hadn’t gotten the baby they had dreamed of, later as a growing love to Ludvig.

But the parents’ worries increase as the son has a difficulties to cope with physical efforts, although the doctors still confirm that Ludvig is a healthy little boy. But at a doctor's appointment when Ludvig is 12, everything suddenly changes.

Prince Different is a story about a boy’s childhood, the environments fear for of the unknown and about the joy, struggle and pain of parenthood. But above all Prince Different is a declaration of love to a child whom many might have opted out on.


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211 pages