Soren is often doing lectures.

Not only for children but also for adolscents and adults.

He varies the content according to the client' requirements.

In recent years, Soren have made many performances

much appreciated where he

speaks about life with his different prince.


How does one take the unexpected?

Is there room in life for surprises?

How do you know what is a good and

eventful life before you lived it?


Life seems to choose itself when and how it should occur.

Often, it seems, therefore, about how to

related to what was occurring more than trying

prevent life happens as it does.

If we make an active choice to embrace life

instead of trying to deny it, it becomes

both richer and more full of mysteries of existence.

It will be much more fun if we only dare to

say YES.



Sören Olsson lectures on:

* Life is what it is and not always what you want it to be.

* To say yes, about how much more fun it is to be positive than negative.

* Feeling your emotions.

* Creativity.

* "Prince different" about his disabled son's upbringing and the struggels and joy of the parenting.

* To write books

* To write scipts for television and movies

* Storytelling


Do you want to know more?

Mail to: soren@sorenolsson.com


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Some comments from the audience:


"The mix of humor and seriousness was very good! It was a moment of laughter and tears in a nice mix "


"It was very inspiring and gave hope for my own situation"


"Amazing lecturer. Very memorable "


"A delightful lecturer who can convey the language in an exciting way, getting the seriousness of their own lives"


"This was undoubtedly the best lecture I've been to!"


"A great lecture!"


"Memorable words of life map"


"Easy-going lecturer, who knows what he's talking about. Felt true! "


"Entertaining and interesting"





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